What we do

Surge's technology is based on a decade of research characterizing the immune fingerprint of surgery and surgical recovery conducted in Dr. Brice Gaudillière's lab at Stanford University.

In 2018, Julien Hédou joined Brice's lab to develop the machine learning aspect of the project at the core of our predictive risk assessment technology.


1 in 5

surgeries ends in a complication

complications rate

surgeries per year (US UE)

total complications

To predict these complications, current solutions are insufficient.

Good prediction requires AUC > 80%


predicting complications appears to be an urgent need.

More than
preventable complications if predicted


Our solution

Optimize each patient's surgical journey by harnessing the immune system.


Our technology

A precise immune stress test using scalable single-cell proteomics.


8 years
of R&D

(2014 – 2021) NIH-funded)

Our goal is to develop a new perioperative standard of care in which our revolutionary “immune stress test” technology is used to identify patients at risk for postoperative complications, personalize the perioperative care pathway, and improve patient outcomes, thus reducing hospital and taxpayer costs.

On a larger scale, we plan to apply our technology to other high-impact clinical challenges to improve patient management on a global scale.

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