Surge is a startup founded in mid-2021. Our multidisciplinary team comprises engineers and physicians from Stanford University, Sorbonne University, and École Polytechnique.

Surge personalizes the care of patients undergoing surgery by providing an accurate prediction of postoperative infections based on a single-cell immune system profile.

Our product predicts a patient's risk of postoperative infections with far greater accuracy than existing clinical scales, supplying surgeons with the knowledge to guide their clinical decisions (e.g., pre-, intra-, and postoperative patient care optimization) and giving patients access to essential information about their own health.

We achieve high accuracy by using a patented AI algorithm capable of decoding the immune fingerprint obtained from a blood sample before surgery. This predictive test provides a reliable assessment of each individual’s risk of developing a postoperative infection.

News - September 2022

Julien Hédou, CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Video presented during the iLab competition (2022 edition) in which the company was named laureate.

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